37 People Died Watching ‘The Conjuring 2’ World Wide! Horrifying!

If you thought that a 65 years old man dying in the cinema hall watching the horror sequel in Tamil Nadu was just an exception, then you need to rethink. We advise you to check your heart’s condition before watching the movie! As reported today, whopping 37 people died watching the movie ‘The Conjuring 2’, which can not be exception anymore. Read on.

The Conjuring 2 World Wide! Horrifying

One woman was possessed by a bad soul while watching the movie in the hall. The video of which has surfaced on popular social media sites and taking the world by storm.

The Conjuring 2

You must have heard about a 65-years-old passing away due to heart attack while watching the movie in the theatre in Tiruvannamalai, India. But the weird part was yet to happen.
He has taken to local hospital as he has been complaining about chest pain. He was declared dead and then his friend was supposed to carry the body to the forensics but both him and his friend’s dead body vanished into thin air. Police are still investigating.
Even in the first part of The Conjuring, several such reports were made where people felt disturbed in their own house after watching the movie.

The Conjuring 2- Death worldwide

A series of demonic possession and paranormal activities has been reported and 37 people have lost their lives after watching the second part which people claim to be more scary than the first part.
As a matter of fact, the actor who played the lead character in the movie – Patrick Wilson, said that his house could be haunted as he has noticed a few paranormal activities in his house even since he took up the movie to act.

This is not all. Even during the shooting of the first sequel The Conjuring, the actress suddenly developed bruises all over her body from nowhere which scared the whole cast in the set.
So guys, watch the movie at your own risk. Here is the trailer just to give you a sneek peek.